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Security Assesment

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Physical security involves measures undertaken to protect personnel and assets against anticipated or perceived threats and the environment against degradation or abuse.

Why You Must do a Security Assessments

  • To achieve improved security by deterring, disrupting or mitigating potential threats through the use of proven systems and technologies designed to deter, detect, report and react against potential security threats.
  • A comprehensive integrated risk and vulnerability assessment will assist management in critical financial decisions as well as budgeting
  • How do you know if you and your organization are grossly exposed?
  • How do you determine what an acceptable or unacceptable level of risk that is confronted by you or your organization and how to communicate that and implement policies and procedures to mitigate them?

Through the process of the risk, threat and vulnerability assessment you will learn and discover things about your environment that were previously unknown, depending on time and available resources, quantitative and qualitative assessments both have value. There are pros and cons to each.



In today’s environment, expert analysis and evaluation of the physical security state of your valued assets; home and work place; and your properties as well as the security of lives; both yourself and your loved ones; have become a crucial aspect of security precautions needed to survive in the ever growing state of insecurity in our urban settings of these days. Livewire addresses this necessity with a team of skilled security experts who are able to blend their experience and expertise with modern and appropriate technologies to focus on the critical aspects of your physical security requirements. During the scheduled physical assessment, our experts will do a thorough evaluation of assets, lives and your environment with respect to the factors that could impede the smooth operations of your business, the health, safety and environment of your work force with in-depth analysis of security threats and vulnerabilities. Livewire physical security evaluations are performed and analyzed in the context of your organization’s management’s overall security objective with focus on strategic preventability of occurrence.

By analyzing the combined factors of assets, threat, and exposure, Livewire physical security review provides much more than a list of actionable security recommendations. We prioritize exposures and make recommendations to align physical security with your overall risk management strategy. This holistic view enables you to protect the right assets with the right level of security.


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